Brief Introduction of Stainless Steel Ball Water Tank

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  • 环保不锈钢球型水箱
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Brief Introduction of Stainless Steel Ball Water Tank


1. Use advanced technology precision manufacturing.


2. Material is SUS304 food grade stainless steel, with strong corrosion resistance. The spherical design is reasonable, the pressure is uniform, the wind load is small, the harmful substances and small animals in the air dust are completely eliminated, and the water quality is not polluted by secondary pollution.


3. Scientific water flow design, the natural stratification of domestic water and fire water in normal use, the turbidity of domestic water coming out of the sphere decreased, and the water pressure increased obviously. The sediment in the water can be removed by opening the ball bottom drain valve regularly without manual cleaning.


4、The ball shape water tank is light weight, more beautiful than FRP, can be used with advertising, is an excellent environmental protection product.



Water collector. Water separator


Air conditioning water systems, or other industrial water systems, also manage a number of branch pipes, including backwater branches and water supply branches according to customer specific requirements (sample drawing) design and manufacture: water collector - water separator