Lightweight and durable

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  • 不锈钢圆柱型水箱
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Lightweight and durable


This product does not corrode for a hundred years, this water tank also has the light feature, can reduce the roof load very well.




The cylindrical water tank produced by our company includes 0.25 tons to 58 tons and dozens of varieties.


Easy to install


Each type of water tank is reserved for inlet and outlet, the silk teeth of sewage outlet, any plumber can be skillfully installed and connected in a short time.


Wide use


Used in multi-story apartment, hotel, residential district, water pump room, medicine, chemical, pure water treatment, all kinds of beverage wine storage.

Heat preservation tank ★★★★★★★★★★



 Note: Do not directly connected to steam , so as not to affect the service life of water tank.

★0.25 T - Unlimited Expansion (Reasonable design)



★ Double stainless steel, polyurethane foam insulation


★ Cooperate with heat pump and solar thermal insulation projects across the country


★ Through ISO9001:2000 international quality system


★ Outer bile 304, 201, aluminized zinc (3-1)