Features of Combined Welding Water Tank

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Features of Combined Welding Water Tank using for building materials

Wide range of use

All kinds of industrial and civil construction water supply, HVAC, fire control system; food, beverage, wine industry, pump industry, water treatment industry.

Pharmaceutical, petrochemical industry; flexible, reasonable standard shape design can be suitable for various sizes of containers;


Material selection for Jicheng water tank

Adhere to the selection of austenite, ultra-low carbon SUS304 food grade stainless steel with excellent properties; If containing acid, alkali storage liquid can be selected other materials.

The seaside area should use 316 stainless steel and 316 material to resist seawater corrosion.


Jicheng Water Tank Accessories

Inlet & Outlet pipes, overflow pipes, sewage pipes, vent pipes, short pipe and flange, manhole, climbing ladder, etc.


Structural Features of Jicheng Water Tank

The design of the standard cricket surface makes full use of the mechanical principle, which greatly improves the bearing capacity and seismic resistance of the water tank itself.

The tension structure of the water tank adopts the strictly calculated umbrella structure, supplemented by the cable-stayed reinforcement at a specific angle, so that all parts of the water tank are organically combined to form a complete whole. Stainless steel material itself has strong corrosion resistance, coupled with Jicheng's excellent all-melted tungsten electrode argon arc welding process, so that its life is much longer than the water tank of general materials.

Can also use film-covered processing technology, greatly reduce the processing and transportation of scratches, after the installation of the equipment to tear off the film, equipment finished product protection intact.

In the form of standard plate, field welding assembly, fast installation speed, strong integrity, light weight, no additional building load.


Construction of Jicheng Water Tank

Professional senior technician field argon arc welding. The construction site is neat, clean, barrier-free and has standard power supply. Around the tank there should be 50 cm of space for installation and maintenance.


Water tank maintenance

Attention should be paid to water, dust, oil, dirt and so on during maintenance. If rust spots occur on the surface, it should be removed in time to avoid corrosion of welding points. When the inlet of the water tank is connected with the pipe, do not apply excessive load to the outlet, do not apply the weight of the large caliber valve and pipe directly to the outlet, and design the pipe support if necessary. Flexible expansion joints shall be installed for vibration, expansion and contraction of the outlet and connecting pipes. Clean the water tank regularly to ensure the water quality is clean.


The water tank products of Jicheng Company are storage and discharge cold and hot water containers, without processing, it is suggested not to directly pass steam, the box body sloshing too much affects the service life of the water tank, and the water quality of water supply equipment with salt (alkali) is also easy to corrode the tank body. If there are special requirements must be submitted to our company, if due to improper use of damage, we are not responsible.