H steel composite house

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Features of H steel composite house

H steel composite houses are designed for island climate with the following features:

1、Corrosion resistance

The main structure H steel and C structure beam and auxiliary structure parts are hot galvanized material (ship grade rust prevention), the structure is stable and corrosion resistance .

2. Wind resistance

The design of the structure is 0.6 KN/㎡ against wind pressure. The main structure of foundation, H steel, C structure beam and color steel plate are directly connected into a whole with screws. The building has good integrity, firm and strong wind resistance.

3. Beautiful

The combination house modelling changes, may combine each kind of modelling according to the demand unifies the actual situation. The exterior wall and roof board adopt color coated steel plate (many colors optional), the color is bright, beautiful and generous.

4. Easy construction

The whole house frame uses screw combination, the interior color uses bamboo wood combination wall board, the time limit is short, the operation is simple and fast.