Stainless steel combined water tank(single layer、thermal insulation) series

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Main Performance Features of Combined Stainless Steel Tank


Stainless steel combined water tank is punched into standard block by stainless steel plate, assembled in site and welded by argon arc. Never rust, do not pollute the water source, anti-aging, improve the cleanliness of water, extend the service life of water tank. Also ensure the sanitation of the water, in line with environmental protection requirements. The volume of 1-5000 cubic meters of products can be produced, user also can do customize according to the actual situation of the water tank length, wide, height to make.


1. Never rust


Adhere to the selection of food grade SUS304 stainless steel plate, with high corrosion resistance.


2. Light weight


By adopting the special high pressure stamping process, the strength is increased seven times, and the minimum consumables meet the requirement of high strength. The weight is 1/3 of the ordinary steel plate water tank, and the strength is twice that of the ordinary steel plate.


3. Ideal mechanical structure


Thermal expansion and contraction will not deform, will not crack, especially suitable for hot water tank.


4. Beautiful appearance


Sleeker lines, unique modeling, exquisite design.


5. Never leaks


Unique structural design, full welding site combination. High strength, good sealing, to prevent secondary pollution of water quality.


6. Can be combined arbitrarily, thermal insulation construction is easy


According to the design needs, the user can put forward the water tank length, width, height (standard plate is L 1m x W 1m ; L 1m x W 0.5m ; L 0.5m x W 0.5m ) three kinds of plate arbitrary combination, the installation site has no special requirements, and can make double-layer insulation water tank, outer tank color steel face with foam sandwich insulation or outer tank stainless steel plate or outer tank aluminum zinc plate filled with polyurethane foam insulation and so on.



Comparison of Performance of Water Tank: