Mr. Wang Chun-Chi, founder of our company, from Kaohsiung, Taiwan, founded Wuhan Jicheng New Technology Application Co., Ltd in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China in 1996. The main business is to produce stainless steel water tank and build steel structure factory building. In the stainless steel tank business, our company set design, sales, production, installation and after-sales service as one, is the earlier obtained the related qualification enterprise in China mainland domestic market, each type, each tonnage stainless steel tank all over the country, through many years to the quality strict control, Jicheng brand stainless steel tank has become the industry famous brand, well received by the market !

At the same time, our company independently design, manufacture steel structure factory building and steel structure residence, it adopts new building materials, with high strength, good seismic performance and easy construction and other features can be rapid development.

In 2003, located in Zhangzhou City, Fujian Province, China covering an area of 21,000 square meters of Zhangzhou Jicheng New Technology Application Co., Ltd .(referred to as Zhangzhou Jicheng) was established, and Wuhan Jicheng business in Central China, mutual support, opened up a larger domestic market in China.

JICHENG (USA) CORPORATION was established in Saipan CNMI, USA in 2019. The Jicheng stainless steel water tank and steel structure factory building/residential went abroad and joint the wide international market.

Jicheng Company has been established for 25 years, because of adhering to the "quality of survival, reputation for development" corporate purpose can continue to grow, the future Jicheng people will not forget the original ideals and aspirations to move forward!